Could fluid be your problem?

lymph trunkDo you exercise for hours, maintain a healthy diet, feel bloated and have puffy feet and ankles, sometimes it could be as simple as allergies or protein deficiency or on the other hand it may be a slow metabolism,  lymph congestion,  resulting in fluid retention and the body’s inability to eliminate waste.

The lymph system has two main functions. It acts as a combined sewage and drainage system and at the same time defending your body, removing toxins and waste, repairing tissue and fighting infection. Like any fine mechanism the lymph system needs careful maintenance. If the cells cannot rid themselves of their own waste the surrounding connective tissue becomes congested with toxins and the lymphatic fluid will start to slow down causing fluid to build up.

The most effective way to stimulate the lymph system is with Manual Lymph Drainage massage, the lymph nodes are filtering agents which over a period can silt up after infection.
Gentle Manual Lymph Drainage  will help break down debris and improve the metabolic functions, making dieting and weight loss programmes more efficient.

Just a couple of Manual Lymph Drainage treatments will cleanse the lymph system and all depending on your own  metabolism you may need a few more to encourage lazy nodes (filtering agents) to assist in expelling waste helping your system to respond to Manual Lymph Drainage.