Catarrh, Sinus Problems & Manual Lymph Drainage

Sinus or Catarrh problems may affect many people at one time or another in their life; it can be the after effects of a cold or even a viral infection. This usually lasts only a short while, but for others this can be more or less a semi-permanent state of affairs.  Symptoms include headaches, pain and severe congestion around the nasal vicinity, cheeks and forehead.  Sinus troubles may also cause pressure to build-up within the ear. A permanent nasal voice, tendency to breath through the mouth and a puffy face indicate blockages within the lymph nodes.

The normal response to infection in the nose and throat is for mucous membranes to swell and increase secretion to wash away invading bugs, resulting in the lymph nodes silting up and becoming waterlogged with nowhere to drain resulting in severe catarrh.

The lymph system is responsible for cleansing our bodies, if inflammation has built up around the sinuses, and nodes (glands) have swollen to fight infection, the areas become partially blocked and poor drainage occurs.

The head and neck area play an extremely large part in the lymph system as there are 70% of the body’s lymph nodes within this region.  MLD has shown to give relief to sinus and catarrh congestion, the gentle stimulation applied to the group of nodes in the cervical location and surrounding facial region will encourage the fluid to drain.

Once the congestion has been relieved the drainage from the surrounding tissue will improve and any infection can be dealt with properly by the lymph system.