Since 300 BC massage was used as a therapy in the Far East, making it one of the most ancient treatments used by the human race.

Massage increased in popularity in the 19th Century, Per Henrik Ling, a Swedish athlete created the basis for which is now known as Swedish massage. Swedish massage is a combination of relaxing effect and exercises that work on the joints and muscles, but is still based on the form that was practiced in ancient times.

Today massage is used in treating a number of conditions, such as anxiety, tension, depression, insomnia, back pain, headaches, muscle pain and some forms of chronic conditions.

It is also frequently recommended for the treatment of minor sports injuries and repetitive strains and for the enhancement of physical activities in sports persons.

The Treatment

A combination of relaxation and muscle releasing tension techniques, which will help to stretch the muscles giving the patient more flexibility, increased range of motion, improved circulation and overall feeling of well being.