M. E.

Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (M.E) and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Is a condition where a combination of extreme fatigue, tiredness muscle pain, lack of concentration and depression occurs. These illnesses are usually very difficult to diagnose and can more often than not be referred to as post viral fatigue syndrome. As the title suggests research has shown it can often follow a virus infection and so-called burn-out. When the virus enters the body through the intestines it tends to attack the nervous system and suppress the immune functions, overwork, stress and exhaustion is a common factor and normally in women.

The natural function of the immune is to arrest the action of the virus and bacteria, and remove, but when the body is weak and unable to respond it begins to strike at its own defences, the antibodies. Exercise normally worsens the condition.

Treatment. The sufferer usually recovers with time, although it can sometimes take many months, but resting in the early stages may help.

MLD treatments has shown that full body treatments can be very helpful, by stimulating the immune and increasing lymph flow, encouraging filtration of free radicals and reducing any swelling. After the tissue has been cleared and the body starts to feel stronger it can then begin the task of fighting the invaders, embarking on the road to recovery.

Sue Relph MAR., MLDuk, (DLT)
A Highly Experienced & Qualified Practictioner of MLD in Kent