Lipohypertrophy & Lipoedema


Lipohypertrophy is a severe uneven distribution of fat cells, symmetrically, bilateral enlargement of the legs, thighs and buttocks, in some it may involve the arms, and the feet will remain unaffected, which can occur in both slim and overweight women. There is no pain with Lipohypertrophy but the legs will bruise very easily, it is normally only found in females which could possibly be linked with hormonal imbalances. Onset around puberty or pregnancy, it is also believed to be genetic.

This condition is often misdiagnosed and confused with being overweight. It does not respond to diet or exercise. The patient will gain weight in the Lipohypertrophy areas and lose it in the unaffected area, the legs become shaped like a funnel, and the surface of the skin is sponge like with dimples. It does not reduce with elevation.


Lipoedema carries the same symptoms as Lipohypertrophy but with this there is pain and tenderness to touch. A dull aching sensation can effect some as well as pins and needles.


Manual Lymph Drainage Massage and compression therapy will help tremendously.
There is no cure, but these combined, will help reduce the pain, sensitivity and other discomfort felt. Patients have experienced some relief after the first treatment. Bandaging by a qualified therapist and the wearing of compression garments will also be discussed and you will be taught your own self massage and management.