Cosmetic Surgery

Aftercare with Non-Surgical and Surgical Procedures.

With Vaser (Vibration Amplification of Sound Energy through Resonance), Liposuction & Cosmetic Surgery

Aftercare plays a very important part in the speed of your healing and the overall results.

Following your procedure there is usually a small amount of bruising and swelling, extra fluid containing anaesthetic will also be within the tissue this is why it is extremely worthwhile to choose the right aftercare to assist you in your recovery and to achieve the finest results.

MLD is particularly recommended, its gentle non-invasive massage will help alleviate any pain and tenderness. A light rhythmic stroking movement will stimulate your lymph system and drain the extra fluid away reducing bruising and swelling. If there are any areas where scar tissue may have formed resulting in an uneven finish and hardness MLD will assist in breaking-down these parts naturally with the aid of your own body’s mechanism.

Treatments may commence as soon as 24 hours after your procedure on recommendation from your surgeon. Pre-surgery MLD is also beneficial in preparation of the tissue for surgery.

Sue Relph MAR., MLDuk, (DLT)
A Highly Experienced & Qualified Practictioner of MLD in Kent