The Benefits of Massage, Reflexology & Manual Lymph Drainage on Stress

stress imageStress is a natural reaction response to fear, it prepares the body for fight or flight by tensing the muscles and constricting the blood vessels.  The stressful experiences we encounter today do not require fight or flee but leave the body in a physical, emotional and mental tension.  Nowadays we live in a high-stress society where we hardly allow ourselves any free time and the demands of work and family proceed, stress can result in lowering the immune leaving us more susceptible to disease.

Common signs can be recurrent headaches, dizziness, rashes, colds, infection, panic attacks, palpitations anxiety, indigestion, neck and shoulder tension, insomnia, loss of appetite, compulsive eating, irritability and fatigue.

There are many ways to tackle stress but one of the most effective and more pleasant ways are any type of massage and reflexology.

Manual lymph drainage has been very successful  in reducing stress with its gentle repetitive movements around the head, neck and facial area, it has an instant calming effect on the mind, indigestion eases,  abdominal pain and deep breathing brings complete relaxation to tight stomach muscles.   Manual lymph drainage can help reduce palpitations and anxiety.

Massage with essential oils relieves many physical symptoms, tensions, aching shoulders, neck and back pain.   It encourages deeper breathing and relaxation within the mind.

Reflexology is not to be underestimated.   The powerful treatment promotes total relaxation by applying gentle pressure through the feet it improves sleep, helps in reducing headaches, calms nerve endings and encourages your body to rest and relax until the stress has passed.

Could fluid be your problem?

lymph trunkDo you exercise for hours, maintain a healthy diet, feel bloated and have puffy feet and ankles, sometimes it could be as simple as allergies or protein deficiency or on the other hand it may be a slow metabolism,  lymph congestion,  resulting in fluid retention and the body’s inability to eliminate waste.

The lymph system has two main functions. It acts as a combined sewage and drainage system and at the same time defending your body, removing toxins and waste, repairing tissue and fighting infection. Like any fine mechanism the lymph system needs careful maintenance. If the cells cannot rid themselves of their own waste the surrounding connective tissue becomes congested with toxins and the lymphatic fluid will start to slow down causing fluid to build up.

The most effective way to stimulate the lymph system is with Manual Lymph Drainage massage, the lymph nodes are filtering agents which over a period can silt up after infection.
Gentle Manual Lymph Drainage  will help break down debris and improve the metabolic functions, making dieting and weight loss programmes more efficient.

Just a couple of Manual Lymph Drainage treatments will cleanse the lymph system and all depending on your own  metabolism you may need a few more to encourage lazy nodes (filtering agents) to assist in expelling waste helping your system to respond to Manual Lymph Drainage.

Boosting Your Immune System Before The Winter Sets In

The lymphatic system is a major component of the immune system so it is of vital importance to strengthen this in preparation for the winter months ahead. The drainage function supports removal of waste products and toxins, there are a number of ways we can boost our immune and relieve congestion.

Herbs are an excellent support, detoxification removes blockages within the body and manual lymph drainage will support all these. Detoxifications of our organs help to improve circulation reducing toxic load. A couple of treatments before the winter starts to take hold may tip the scales from full blown flu to just a cold that only lasts of few days.

Catarrh, Sinus Problems & Manual Lymph Drainage

Sinus or Catarrh problems may affect many people at one time or another in their life; it can be the after effects of a cold or even a viral infection. This usually lasts only a short while, but for others this can be more or less a semi-permanent state of affairs.  Symptoms include headaches, pain and severe congestion around the nasal vicinity, cheeks and forehead.  Sinus troubles may also cause pressure to build-up within the ear. A permanent nasal voice, tendency to breath through the mouth and a puffy face indicate blockages within the lymph nodes.

The normal response to infection in the nose and throat is for mucous membranes to swell and increase secretion to wash away invading bugs, resulting in the lymph nodes silting up and becoming waterlogged with nowhere to drain resulting in severe catarrh.

The lymph system is responsible for cleansing our bodies, if inflammation has built up around the sinuses, and nodes (glands) have swollen to fight infection, the areas become partially blocked and poor drainage occurs.

The head and neck area play an extremely large part in the lymph system as there are 70% of the body’s lymph nodes within this region.  MLD has shown to give relief to sinus and catarrh congestion, the gentle stimulation applied to the group of nodes in the cervical location and surrounding facial region will encourage the fluid to drain.

Once the congestion has been relieved the drainage from the surrounding tissue will improve and any infection can be dealt with properly by the lymph system.

Time to Detox with MLD?

Now that finally spring has sprung it’s a good time to detox and flush out our systems of any old viruses we may be hanging onto and generally prepare ourselves for summer. MLD will cleanse and support any detox expelling viruses that may have manifested during the winter. Common symptoms that people usually experience are constant tiredness, lack of energy and that bloated feeling.  MLD can also help to strengthen your immune and relieve congestion.

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